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Firearms stored in a vehicle – It is now a violation of CA law to leave a firearm in a vehicle (when you are not inside of the vehicle), unless it is stored in a secure locking container, out of sight (a secure locking container does NOT include a center console or glove box, whether it locks or not). A trunk is still considered a secure locking container. There have been some people that have had their CCW permits revoked, due to not following this law (as they were not aware of the new law), after it was discovered (usually after the theft of a gun). On another note - While a vehicle is on school grounds, the gun must be unloaded in a secured locking container (no ammunition in the chamber or in the magazine if the magazine is inserted into the gun) prior to entering any school grounds, which includes a parking lot, or on a school round-about on school property. Just for clarification – school property does not include the public street surrounding the school, or public sidewalk off of the school compound.

If you own a center fire “assault style weapon”, in which CA is now calling them “Dangerous Weapons” – and it is center fire and has any “evil features”, if it was not registered (by yourself online) into CA’s newest dangerous weapons database, it is a felony to possess it (a felony count for every gun, even if stored in your safe). It is now too late to register it into this database (after June 30, 2018). One way to get around it is to disassemble the rifle, removing the upper from the lower, and now it is simply firearm parts, and not a gun. If you have questions about this, contact your favorite gun store for clarifications on how to make your long rifle “featureless”. I am not an attorney, and cannot provide further clarification, for the obvious liability reasons. The CA Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) has a great webinar regarding the new laws for “assault style rifles” and the CRPA webinar can be searched online as well.

Loaning guns in CA – It is now generally illegal to loan or borrow a gun in CA (a few minor exceptions), such as an immediate family member for an infrequent limited time, or unless the loan is at a licensed range, and does not leave the facility in another’s possession. That is the easiest way to explain this new law. Check any other exceptions by typing into Google “loaning guns in CA” and find the official CA DOJ website. Don’t loan your guns, and you are ok!

Ammunition purchases - All ammunition must be purchased face to face from an ammunition vendor (such as your gun store).

Ammunition purchases effective 07/01/2019 – Required background check (CCW permit holders are NOT exempt), to receive the ammunition purchase card, showing that you have passed the ammunition background check. Then you must present it (card) to buy ammo, which is in person sales only. It will be a violation of CA law to purchase and physically bring in ammunition from out of state. You can expect that agricultural inspection stations will be enforcing this in some way.

If I can answer any questions for you or help point you in a direction, please feel free to contact me by clinking the link below.